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Archive for May 2012


Hermés first ultra-lux decorated apartment

SC Global, a luxury developer partnered with Hermés to completely decorate a spacious 6,232 sq. ft. five-bedroom ultra-lux apartment. It’s called The Marq on Paterson Hil in Singapore. Read more

JSL Vacation Guides

When the sun is blazing and sea is gleaming, what better way to spend your summer than to sip on your Belver Bear and lighten up at a beautiful shore? Enjoy the view of the Alps or take a walk in the French woods. Relax in a heated pool with a champagne glass in hand or maybe own an entire island for a week. Take cues from our top five luxury summer homes guide and get the ball rolling. Read more

JSL Nightlife: A JETSETTER VIP Party Guide

Ibiza is the party capital of our world. For 30 years now clubbing has been its culture. Some of the world’s best clubs such as Privilege, Space and Pacha are in Ibiza. People from around the world gather here to dance to the tunes of maestros of music such as Tiesto, David Guetta, etc. Uncontrollable crowd and the longest queue for the entry mark these clubs. It is important to have a VIP table booked here to ensure an immediate entry and an exclusive VIP area. You are benefitted with bottle service at your table and a personal waiter. You have the access to all the areas in the club and can be ensured of safety owing to the VIP security. You can also ask for a hostess to ensure that your table is ready before you arrive and your drinks are served as soon as you enter, all this and more to ensure that you make the most of the night. Read more

Luxury Art for the Jetsetting Connoisseur

The rest of the world might still be reeling from the recession but the art world is has bounced back with vengeance if recent auctions are anything to go by. Edvard Munch's The Scream in pastel (the only privately owned version) fetched little under $120 millions at a recent Sotheby's auction. Lichtenstein's "Sleeping Girl" was bought for $44.8 million while Warhol's "Double Elvis" raised $37 million. Some people buy because they are looking for an investment meanwhile others consider themselves patrons of art - whatever might be the driving force behind the recent upswing, these are some of the hottest and most sought after artists at the moment. Read more

How We Roll. JSL Automotive: Bugatti Veyron

Going private is a Jesetter Lifestyle thing (obviously!). But there is something about the open road that will stir the wanderlust in even the worldliest of travelers. And what could be better than hitting the road in one of these beauties? These cars are not the most sensible nor the most practical but one thing is for sure - they are fun! Practical is overrated anyway. Read more

JSL On The Spot: The Luxury Review

As an official Luxury Lifestyle Media Outlet, The Jetsetter and team at Jetsetter Lifestyle Attended The Luxury Review hosted by Rand Luxury on Thursday, May 10th, 2012. Read more

Tumi Teams Up With Dror

Transform follows function. Dror Benshetrit is a celebrated and award-winning international designer and architect who explores the nature of movement, space and forms. Dror for Tumi is a collaborative collection of travel, business and day bags that integrate Dror's concepts of "transformation... Read more

A Jetsetter's Toy: Jetpack Flights

It's almost every baby-Jetsetter's dream to fly and JetLev Technologies has made this dream a reality. This personal flight is comprised of a water-power packed jet. Similar to the power of a Jetski, the jet propulsion system uses water from hose tethered to the fuel source and controlled by throttle, flight control, and flyer body commands. Read more