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The Jetsetter and his editorial team would like to introduce you to the new stamp of approval. This highly prestigious seal of approval is only ever presented to businesses that excel in providing the highest levels of customer service and luxury.

The Jetsetter and the team at Jetsetter lifestyle have a great wealth of experience in the travel industry, and have visited, inspected and experienced many properties in the same distinguished league. Although many of businesses provide a very good service, few are able to provide us with the peak of service and luxury worthy of a stamp of approval.

When issuing the highly sought after seal of approval, The Jetsetter places careful consideration and thought into his decision. He painstakingly reviews his notes and looks back on the aspects of the experience, such as ambience, style, location, service and luxury that the establishment achieved throughout a visit.

By receiving this seal of approval, any establishment instantly receive instant recognition from travelers around the world who have a taste for the highest levels of service, luxury and the finer things in life.

When The Jetsetter and the editorial team at Jetsetter Lifestyle issue this stamp of approval, businesses are confirmed as a premier venue that is promoted to our loyal readers as a “must visit” - A place that they will surely receive the highest levels of service that will meet their impeccable tastes for luxury.

 Jetsetter Lifestyle Approved, Distrikt Hotel






 Jetsetter Lifestyle Approved, The Setai Fifth Ave







Jetsetter Lifestyle Approved, The Muse NYC

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