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JSL Approved

JSL Approved

The Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval is an international award granted to companies and brands in multiple industries for excellence in goods and services. This prestigious award affirms that any recipient company or brand has exemplified an unparalleled level of service.

  • The JSL Stamp of Approval bring together brands that have reached the pinnacle of luxury, elegance and exclusivity from every sector of the service, travel and lifestyle industry, and award them with accolades. JSL proudly boasts that there are no other award programs that promote, celebrate and reward lifestyle services at the highest level.
  • The JSL Stamp of Approval bring to the forefront the select few that have mastered the art of providing luxury with exceptional taste for the ultimate unique and inspired experience.
  • Recipients of our stamp are contingent upon outstanding emphasis on preeminent ambience, style, location, culture, authenticity, functionality, service and most importantly, luxury.
  • Proudly display your certificate of achievement that voices your leadership in your sector and the status of your brand
  • Digital formation of the JSL Stamp of Approval is an effective marketing tool for brand promotion at the market level


Join the ranks of other JSL Approved brands (Brand association)

Recognition by Jetsetters as a trusted brand

Increase brand awareness while strengthening consumer trust and loyalty

Press Recognition and Accolades

Premium Advertising options on myJSL

Inclusion in JSL promotional initiatives

Distinguished logo placement recognized by high-end clientele

Complimentary Video Feature on Front Row

Exclusive feature in myJSL Magazine, distributed directly to Jetsetters

Inclusion in branded marketing material to the JSL community

Sponsored content on social media marketing channels

Preferential advertising opportunities in myJSL Magazine

Authorized placement of Award on marketing materials sent to buyers and customers

Opportunities for Custom JSL Experiences*


What is the Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval?

Our globally recognized Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval is the most beneficial award for all things related to luxury, travel, and lifestyle. We make sure you meet our standards at the highest possible level before issuing this award.

What are the benefits of partnering with Jetsetter Lifestyle?

Jetsetter Lifestyle helps you realize your Return on Investment (ROI) potential. In today’s society, brand awareness is just as essential for consumers as what they purchase.

With the Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval, your customers will discover more about your brand. This builds a bond with your customers far more than just their interaction with your product. This will help your reputation, sales, and customer loyalty.

It’s well-known that consumers choose brands they most trust. The Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval differentiates brands from their competitors and has a powerful influence on purchasing decisions.

Once awarded, what are some of my benefits?

  • You will be able to proudly display the award on your website, which adds credibility to your brand.
  • You will receive a designated page on our site with a link to your website and social media channels – all you need to showcase your brand.
  • You will be able to communicate your achievement through mainstream media, influential bloggers, top opinion makers, social media, our newsletter, and our media partners.
  • You will benefit from a complimentary Front Row video, featured on our website as well as our digital magazine, myJSL
  • You will receive preferential advertising opportunities on myJSL

How is the application reviewed?

Our application is reviewed by leading experts in the field of luxury and lifestyle and the Jetsetter Lifestyle team.

How are brands measured?

We measure brands across several important areas including:

  • Service
  • Functionality
  • Exclusivity
  • Luxury
  • Accessibility
  • Style
  • Location

How often do you update the application form?

To keep up with the changing and evolving needs of our elite clientele and the industry standards, our questionnaire is updated on a regular basis.

Is there a fee for the Stamp of Approval?

Yes. There is a licensing fee for the Jetsetter Lifestyle Stamp of Approval.

How do you invoice?

After your application is reviewed, a member of our team will contact you and discuss the status of your application and next steps.

Can I contact someone directly regarding my application?

If you have any questions about the process or fees, feel free to send an email to JSLApproved@JetsetterLifestyle.com

What’s next?

After you submit your application form, you will receive a confirmation email. A member of our team will contact you after reviewing your application.

What happens if my brand does not meet the requirements to be awarded with the “Jetsetter Lifestyle” Stamp of Approval?

A member of our team will reach out to you and provide consultation in the areas, which need improvement. You may apply again when you feel that you are ready. This process is completely confidential.

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