New Middle East Customers demand couture

A new breed of haute couture clients, hailing from wealthy countries in the Gulf, have become the most prolific consumers of haute couture. With numerous weddings and social events to attend throughout the year, and money of course, being no object, they are spending big in order to make an impact. But those thinking that these marvellous creations remain under largely wraps are wrong: events where no men will be present mean women can embrace styles which reveal their cleavage and enable them to experiment with sheer fabrics. "A good retailer must know the whole family of the buyer and ask her as many questions as possible as we are not allowed to make mistakes," a Dior sales person based in Western Europe and specialising in the French fashion house's brand's Eastern clientele, told Reuters. It is these wealthy, fashion-aware consumers from countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that will remain the top couture clients if the current economic deterioration being experiences by Europe and North America continues. Full Article
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