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Luxury & Exotic Automotive

A driver’s side glimpse into the world's most luxurious and exotic automobiles
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Luxury Accommodations

VIP check-in to the world’s most luxurious hotels
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Exclusive & Elite Events

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Luxury Dining & Spirits

Exclusive tastings from the world’s most luxurious restaurants and fine spirits
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Luxury Timepieces and Horology

Time stands still as we explore the world’s most luxurious timepieces
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Jet with 'The Jetsetter'

Experience the 'Jetsetter Lifestyle' in a once in a lifetime ultra-lux destination getaway with The Jetsetter
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Luxury Lifestyle Redefined: Jetsetter Lifestyle.
-Aaron Sutherland, President

What is a Jetsetter?

Jetsetter: International social groups of wealthy individuals with disposable income that matches their lavish lifestyle of traveling from one stylish or exotic place to another via private jet.

The JSL Brand

Jetsetter Lifestyle is an informative and exclusive media outlet for premium jetsetters worldwide. This site is the official home site for jetsetters to keep their fingers on the pulse on all things high end.

1st Hand Lifestyle Experiences

Jetsetter Lifestyle’s approvals bring to the forefront the select few that have mastered the art of providing luxury with exceptional taste for the ultimate unique and inspired experience.


Jetsetter Lifestyle service industries include; Luxury Travel & Cultural Escapes, Luxury Automotive, Exclusive events, Sport Cars & Exotics, Timepieces & Horology, Dining & Gastronomy, Getaways & Experiences and much more.
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August 23, 20132 years ago

JetLev Jetpacks for the Ultimate Jetsetter

70% of the earth's surface is waiting for you. Read more
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August 22, 20132 years ago

A Jetsetter's Drink: Royal Dragon Vodka

Entering the dragon takes on a new meaning as luxury brands all over the world pay homage to a stellar Chinese year. As we are always hunting for the lux finds in celebration of the year of the dragon, we found something worthy of recognition with the Royal Dragon Emperor and Imperial edition vodkas. Read more
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August 9, 20132 years ago

Airport Lounges for the commercial Jetsetter

Airports around the world are constantly trying to come up with new ways to make the airport experience more enjoyable – see Helsinki Airport's Almost at home lounge - but Air France just might give them a run for the money. Read more
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June 3, 20132 years ago

LVMH opens boutique hotel in St. Tropez

With its quaint French charm, gorgeous beaches and the impossibly chic and beautiful that descend on this former fishing village every summer, it will be difficult even for the worldliest of travelers not to fall under Saint Tropez's spell. To enjoy Saint Tropez in the most luxurious and exclusive way possible, visit to White 1921, LVMH's first venture into the luxury hotel market. Read more