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With over three decades of experience, Jetsetter Lifestyle is your trusted partner for exceptional Meetings & Corporate Events. We specialize in curating seamless, end-to-end experiences for groups of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences. Our meticulous attention to detail, global network of partners, and passion for creating unforgettable memories set us apart.
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We understand that each organization has unique travel needs. Our team of experts collaborate with you to develop a customized itinerary that aligns with your specific objectives and budget. We manage all aspects of your trip, allowing you to focus on building relationships and achieving your business goals. You can expect a seamless, stress-free experience that leaves a lasting impression.
Did You Know?

30% of MICE Travelers
Experience Booking Errors

Nearly a third of attendees at corporate meetings and incentive trips encounter costly travel mishaps. From missed flights and incorrect destinations to logistical nightmares, these errors can derail your event and leave a lasting negative impact on your company's reputation.

Save thousands with us.

A staggering number of corporate meetings and incentive trips are marred by improper planning. Attendees miss flights, arrive at the wrong airports, or even end up in entirely different cities. These errors can snowball, leading to missed meetings, wasted hotel rooms, and tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses.

Seamless Travel, Guaranteed.

We understand the critical importance of flawless execution for corporate events. We manage every detail of your group's itinerary, ensuring every attendee arrives at the right destination, at the right time, and within budget. Our proactive approach eliminates costly errors and allows your team to focus on what truly matters – achieving your business objectives.


Our Guarantees

We guarantee seamless planning and execution, personalized attention, meticulous attention to detail, transparent communication throughout the process, and a dedication to exceeding your expectations.

Venue Selection

Leveraging our extensive global network and industry expertise, we identify and secure optimal venues that align with your event's specific requirements and budget.

On-site Management

Our seasoned event professionals meticulously manage all aspects of your event, ensuring seamless execution and exceptional attendee satisfaction.

A/V & Decor

We create immersive and engaging event environments through professional audiovisual solutions and tailored decor that reflect your brand identity.


We streamline the accommodation process, negotiating favorable rates, managing room assignments, and mitigating attrition risks.

Catering & Dining

We curate bespoke dining experiences that cater to diverse preferences and dietary needs, ensuring your events are both memorable and enjoyable.

Event Websites

Our user-friendly event websites provide comprehensive information and resources, fostering attendee engagement and streamlining communication.

Entertainment & Talent

We secure top-tier entertainment that aligns with your event goals, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience while expertly managing all contractual and logistical aspects.

Budget Management

Our transparent and detailed budgeting process ensures cost control and financial accountability throughout your event's lifecycle.

24-hour availability

Our Commitment

We offer comprehensive 24/7 support, ensuring your experience remains seamless from initial planning to the final departure and beyond. Our team is equipped to handle unexpected challenges and leverage our extensive experience to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

happens every day

Hear from satisfied clients who have experienced the Jetsetter Lifestyle difference.
"JSL's attention to detail saved us over $20,000 in unexpected travel expenses for our annual sales conference. They're truly experts at their craft."

Sarah L.

VP of Sales, Toyota

"Our incentive trip to Bali was flawless thanks to Jetsetter. They handled everything from flights and accommodations to cultural experiences, allowing us team to focus on celebrating."

Mark J.

CMO, Wellness & CO

"I’ve been on many incentive trips, and this hands down was the best one. I wanted to provide this feedback to let you know how truly wonderful your experiences are, so again thank you. If I am incented to qualify for any trip, it’s Jetsetter hands down!"

Tammy S.

Director, AMC

JSL exceeded our expectations for our annual sales incentive trip.  The Tuscan countryside was stunning, the villa was absolutely breathtaking. It was the perfect way to reward our top performers.

Melissa G.

VP, Facebook

"We needed a high-end venue for a series of important client meetings, and Jetsetter delivered in spades."

Laura V.

Marketing, JMPC

"You guys helped us make a big splash at NADA in Las Vegas. We always look good in front of our competitors because of you"

Jennifer N.

Dir. of Events, Cox

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Extraordinary Events

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Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand how Jetsetter Lifestyle can make your corporate events seamless and successful.

What types of corporate events does Jetsetter Lifestyle organize?

Jetsetter Lifestyle organizes a wide range of corporate events, including meetings, incentive trips, conferences, exhibitions, and other business-related gatherings, catering to groups of all sizes.

Does Jetsetter Lifestyle manage flights?

Yes, Jetsetter Lifestyle manages flights. What sets us apart from other MICE companies is that we are a full-service travel company. We book, issue, and reissue tickets, which reduces the time you spend on the phone with airlines. This approach not only saves you time but also helps reduce costs by ensuring everyone arrives at the correct destination within the outlined budget.

How does Jetsetter Lifestyle manage the accommodation process for large groups?

We simplify the accommodation process by negotiating favorable rates, managing room assignments, and mitigating attrition risks, ensuring comfortable and convenient lodging for all attendees.

How does Jetsetter Lifestyle ensure financial accountability and cost control for our event?

Our transparent and detailed budgeting process ensures cost control and financial accountability throughout your event’s lifecycle, keeping you informed and within budget.

How can event websites provided by Jetsetter Lifestyle enhance attendee engagement?

Our user-friendly event websites offer comprehensive information and resources, fostering attendee engagement, streamlining communication, and enhancing the overall event experience.

Still have questions?

If you have more questions or need further assistance, book a call with us today to discuss how we can make your next corporate event exceptional.

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